Review from Katherine Fry

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As a client of Mercedes Guzman, I can personally attest to the value of her therapy. Inner child therapy is no joke. Nearly all of us are damaged in some way, leading back to our childhoods. By reconnecting with the younger version of ourselves, the goal is to understand better why we make decisions and perceive things in the ways we do. Thanks to inner child therapy, I have learned that I am constantly comparing my relationships of today with those of my mother, my father, and my brother.

My journey with Mercedes began by remembering my early childhood cross-country move and the financially difficult time my family subsequently encountered.

My parents came from financially affluent backgrounds, but this affluence did not continue when they struck out on their own. As children, my brother and I often heard stories of our prominent families while living in relative poverty. Sure, others had it worse, but life represented great difficulty for us. I recounted to Mercedes the thirteen-year-old me suffering from terrible anxiety, being screamed at by my mother, with a father who seemed to be on a perpetual business trip. Eventually, I rebelled, and all hell broke loose.

Mercedes took me back in time to these difficult times. She told me to take the young me by the hand and offer her comfort and unconditional love. When I said, ‘If I could go back in time, I would slap the old me across the face,” Mercedes stopped me and directed me to love as well as forgive my inner child. The forgiveness I was able to offer to the younger me, coupled with the guided mediation provided by Mercedes, allowed me to be bathed in love and light. The pain in my body dissipated, and clarity of mind appeared. I understand now that many of my decisions hearken back to fears I developed during my childhood and teenage years. Inner child therapy is subsequently helping me make better decisions.

Inner child therapy can be painful but helpful. Ultimately, everyone can benefit from encountering their past selves and dealing with uncovered pains of the past. As for me, I am continuing with the perilous journey into my childhood and becoming a better person in the process.

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