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Your Forgotten Inner Child:
A Journey Returning to Love and Innocence

As adults, we are not aware that our inner children still live in us and that they accepted wrong ideas and created a person according to the environment in which they grew up. Not being aware of it produces so many emotional problems that lead to failure in several areas of our lives. The right of the human being, or you who read this book, is to have everything your heart longs for, prosperity, health, holy relationships, and a life full of purpose. Live in the highest and most beautiful way you can imagine according to your highest wishes.


Your inner child rules your life

We all wonder why have I done it again if I know better? Why do I get angry if I already meditated, and prayed…? The answer is your inner child who lives in your thousands and millions of neurons that were formed day by day in your childhood. It’s time you take control of your transformation, healing your inner child.

Only Available in Spanish.


Relationships as a Couple and Your Inner Child

There are many reasons why a couple can have problems at home. One of them is because both people are different from their childhood upbringing. Jealousy, sexual problems, infidelities, routine, discussions, etc. are some of these problems that are getting bigger as time goes by and the inner child is not healed.

Only Available in Spanish.

One-on-one coaching provides a supportive and transformative space where individuals can explore and heal their inner child wounds, fostering personal growth and emotional well-being.

Online video courses offer a convenient and accessible way to engage in self-paced learning and gain valuable insights and tools to heal and nurture your inner child.

Designed to challenge you mind; this will provide you with numerous opportunities to get beyond yourself and connect to this boundless, life-giving source of energy and your inner child.

Helping You Create A Life That Aligns with Your Values and Passions

Mercedes Guzman founded MBG Greater Possibilities. She is a passionate and experienced life coach who believes in the power of personal transformation through Healing the Inner Child. She is here to help you ignite your inner fire and create a life you love.

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